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  • Crime Stoppers was started in Albuquerque, New Mexico when Canadian-born Albuquerque Police Department Detective Greg MacAleese reached a dead-end in a homicide investigation. He enlisted a local television station’s co-operation in producing a re-enactment of the crime, provided the public with an anonymous phone line to use and offered a cash reward…and within 72 hours the police received a tip that helped solve the murder. This was the beginning of Crime Stoppers.


  • Since 1976, Crime Stoppers has been completely anonymous. Not one person has ever been outed, named or credited when providing tips. Because when it comes to anonymity, that’s who we are.

  • Crime Stoppers is not a police organization. It is a partnership of the community, the media and law enforcement all working together to keep our community safe.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers began in October 1992, and has local chapters across the province. Since our inception, many anonymous tips have been received resulting in thousands of arrests, recovery of millions of dollars in property and illegal drugs. It has proven to be an effective weapon against crime.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers encourages any individual who has knowledge of a crime or suspicious activity to share that information. Anonymity is guaranteed to those providing information. You will not be asked to give your name, and you will not have to testify in court.  Crime Stoppers Promise of Anonymity


  • A volunteer board of Directors actively administers and is responsible for the program. Crime Stoppers is a non-profit charitable organization who is responsible for raising funds and disbursement of rewards. The board is comprised of citizens who also establish policies, programs, and campaigns to educate the community about Crime Stoppers.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers works with other Crime Stoppers programs on a national and international level as it represents our province at the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and Crime Stoppers International.
    For further information or if you would like to become a volunteer board member, contact the Board


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